Oracy is fundamental to the learning process and young people’s development. At Ashton we ensure that all children leave school able to communicate appropriately, with clarity and confidence.
Oracy involves two main processes – learning to talk well, and learning well through talk.

By learning to talk well, young people develop the confidence and ability to express themselves appropriately and clearly, but also to listen effectively. Learning well through talk captures the processes by which young people, with support and guidance from their teachers, deepen their knowledge and understanding of a given topic or issue through verbal interactions.

We have worked closely with the company Talk the Talk who are  funded by the Four Acre Trust. They came into school to deliver CPD to all staff about the importance of talk in the classroom and they will also be working with our year 10 pupils in June. 

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The Talk 7 Project

The English department was involved in transition project which aimed to ensure a smooth transition from primary to secondary school by encompassing the principles of Talk 6 into year 7 schemes of work (Talk 7). This framework is used by a number of our feeder primary schools so we were eager to find out how the primary schools teach reading and writing successfully.  Talk 6 is an engaging teaching framework used by Lancashire primary schools. One of the principles it is based on is that children need to imitate the language they need for a particular topic orally, before reading and analysing it, and then writing their own version.

What started as a stand-alone transition scheme of work with the title ‘Is a villain born a villain?’ has now been developed across all the English schemes of work. We have also since started to develop these ideas across the key stages and the other curriculum areas.

As a school we use the acronym PEEP to create presentations. 

Position - what I think...
Explain - why I think this.. 
Example - here is my evidence ... 
Expand- others might think ... but 
Point - and that is why I think... 

Some key Talk 7 strategies we use to develop oracy are :

Dice game
Just a minute
Linked learning questions
Interview a character
Story maps
Using a question matrix
Reading runs
Echo reading 
Learning quotes and writing structures through action and speech. 
Probe the continuum
Kung Foo punctuation 

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