SPaG stands for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. A number of GCSE subjects now have a percentage of their marks allocated to SPaG. It is no longer just something that is taught in English lessons.

To create a successful piece of writing, using the correct grammatical structures and punctuation is essential. Students and staff are expected to have high expectation with regards to correct spelling, punctuation and grammar in all lessons. 

Why is Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar so important?

  • Punctuation can change the meaning of a sentence greatly.


  • We need to use Standard English to communicate effectively. Using incorrect punctuation, grammar and spelling can change the meaning of sentences whether spoken or written.
  • Children need to use accurate SPaG to progress in life and build careers.
  • Students need to develop strategies for remembering difficult spelling. Teachers will support the students with this. 

Every term the school will focus on 2 punctuation rules. 

Term 2


For KS3 spelling list please click here.

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