Uniform List 2021-22

Changes to School Uniform

Thank you for your input in the consultation process to change our uniform and I am pleased to inform you of the agreed changes below.

The process started back in September when the student body discussed the Student Council’s Big Question – “Is the Ashton uniform fit for a 21st century student”. The ideas of each form were taken by their form captain to their year group representatives, where these in turn were discussed in detail by the Student Council. The Head Boy and Girl formulated this response and passed the suggested changes onto The Headteacher - Miss Asquith, and her Leadership Team.

A questionnaire then went out to the wider school community, including all staff and parents requesting their input. The agreed adaptions were collated and all stakeholders were given the opportunity to vote to accept or decline the proposed changes.

The consultation results were shared with The School’s Governing Body, who agreed to ratify the changes and they will be introduced in September 2021 for the 2021-22 Academic Year.

  • All students to wear a white button collared shirt
  • Trouser for girls no longer need to be badged
  • The school tie will be a clip on tie
  • Skirts must be worn at knee length

All new students to the school for 2021/22 will be expected to follow the changes above.

We are keen to minimise expense for our parents whose children are already at the school, therefore we are not expecting existing students to be ready to change to all of the new items of uniform ready for September. We will operate a phased approach to certain items to support this.

The wearing of a white shirt and tie can be phased in, any time between Easter 2021 to Christmas 2021. This will mainly affect our girls in Yr7-10. We request that when purchasing a new shirt due to growth the yellow blouse is replaced with a white shirt and tie.

This is similar for knee length skirts and the clip on school tie. This can be phased in any time from Easter 2021 to Christmas 2021.

Students will no longer need to wear badged trousers however these will continue to be available from our suppliers should you wish to purchase them. Non badged trousers must be tailored fit and fall to the ankle. A tight or slim fit cut will not be acceptable.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wider student body and more over our School Council who campaigned for the changes. They have really embodied the PROUD ethos. I hope this demonstrates to all students that their voice was heard; the students on the council were empowered, had the confidence and ability to make a change through a democratic process. I look forward to receiving more suggestions for changes from them in the coming terms as they improve the school for the better.

Mr Clarke


White collared shirt

Black, Knee Length, badged pleated skirt with logo OR Black tailored school trousers. – Please note these should not be slim fit, leggings or tight anywhere on the leg, they should reach the ankle and not be turned up.

Black badged ‘V’ neck jumper with House coloured logo

A clip on school tie

Plain black socks throughout the year with the exception below


From October half term to Easter, students opting to wear skirts MUST wear plain black opaque tights

Black leather school shoes of an appropriate heel height


Badged Training Shirt

Badged Shorts or Badged Skort

Reversible Multi-Sports Top  (Boys PE curriculum only)

Black/White/Gold Sports Socks

Trainers for indoor and outdoor use with non-marking soles

Full or Half Zip Badged Jacket (optional)

Football/rugby boots

Black sports leggings (optional and only available from school)

Additional Equipment

All students must have a bag, which is able to contain A4 exercise books, 

pencil case with equipment

All students have a reading book

All students have a pencil case and equipment pack

*we are an inclusive school and respect a student’s right to gender equality. If you wish to wear uniform from outside the specific girls/boys lists, please speak with the school to discuss this further

All Students

The following are NOT permitted items of uniform:

No baseball caps should be brought to school.

For reasons of health and safety and personal security, jewellery in school should be kept to a minimum. The following are acceptable:

  • A wristwatch
  • One plain stud earring in the lobe of each ear. No ear piercings of other sorts or in other parts of the ear are allowed. All piercing retainers should be removed.

No other facial or body piercings of any sort are allowed. All piercing retainers should be removed.

All other jewellery including necklaces, rings and bracelets should be removed.  Any such items may be confiscated if found.

Extreme hairstyles are not allowed.  This includes the use of any unnatural colours, excessively short hair or patterns shaved into hair.

Make-up should not be worn in school and this extends to fake tan.

For reasons of health and safety, no form of false nails or nail varnish are allowed.

Outerwear including coats, scarves and hoodies should be removed when entering school buildings and should not be worn whilst inside.

Things you will need:

School Bag / Pencil Case / Pens / Pencils / Ruler / Rubber / Sharpener / Coloured Pencils / Protractor / Set Square / Compass / Calculator (Scientific) / Notebook / Pocket Dictionary & Thesaurus. 

School sells equipment packs and it is expected that all students will buy a pack or provide their own in line with the above requirements.

Smartwatches, mobile phones and other technologies:

Students are permitted these items but during curriculum time, which includes lesson changeover, they must be switched off or set to airplane mode. Smartwatches and phones must not interrupt learning in any way.  Students must adhere to the school policy regarding use of mobile phones and other technologies. Phones and watches that interrupt learning or are used inappropriately will be confiscated until the can be collected by parents.

Suppliers of badged/school specific items of uniform:

  • Bang Bang Schoolwear, 91 Lancaster Road (the old Dan Kerr bridal shop), Preston, PR1 2QJ - for current offers, click here
  • Smart Schoolwear, 54 Lancaster Road, Preston, PR1 1DD - for current offers, click here
  • Top One, 39 St John’s Shopping Centre, Lancaster Road, Preston, PR1 1FB - for current offers, click here