Why learn Art?

A world class art, craft and design education is an entitlement. It inspires personal expression and allows young people to communicate beyond text and the ability to excel without words.

Art and design make use of critical thinking, imagination and expression. Creating and making developing attributes in young people, such as confidence to take risks, the ability to solve problems, self-belief, autonomy of thought and the sense of identity. Art, craft and design is about visual literacy and communication, and is an understanding of visual culture and practice.

The creative industries are the fastest growing sector of the UK economy. The job market wants creative people with a growth mind set, and people with transferable skills, confident workers in both teams and as individuals, and unafraid to take risks. 

Engagement in art, craft and design is fundamental to being human, to being visually and culturally aware, and to be able to see a sense of worth and belonging and a place to grab opportunities for careers and lifelong learning.

Art Documents