At key moments during a student's school life, they may require additional support and guidance. At ACSC we believe that we are a school family and as such, strive to look after those who require it and enable them to continue making both personal and academic progress.

Mentoring can and does take different forms within our school. This can range from peer-to-peer mentoring, where KS4 students' mentor those with KS3 or tailored mentoring from our mental health support staff or mentoring of students by teaching staff.

Mentoring those students with specific needs is carried out by our trained staff members to ensure the needs of the individual is met.

During Y11 all students are assigned a member of staff who then become their mentor. This relationship is invaluable when our students begin to work through their GCSE courses and are exposed to the stresses of their teenage lives, exam pressure and leaving ACSC. 

Staff mentors track student's behaviour, attendance, completion of homework, mock exam results and support with careers and college applications. We find these relationships have a huge impact on our students progress throughout Y11 and assist in ensuring our students are ready for their GCSE exams and life after leaving school.