Maths Transition Project – ‘Numerise Let's get Secondary Ready’

Being up-to-speed in maths when starting secondary school is really important. Things like core number skills are really vital to make sure that when your child starts moving on to more challenging concepts, they have a solid foundation with no gaps in their knowledge.

To prepare your child for joining us in September, 'Secondary Ready' is a free course for two weeks ONLY that is designed to prepare your child for starting year 7 in September. 

If you do not wish to sign up please email our Head of Maths at for an electronic copy of the resources for your child to work through at their own pace. 

The course is personalised to your child and is extremely easy to use. Whatever their level, it helps learners develop their maths skills and knowledge.

When your child is completing the course, please can you provide them with a notepad/workbook/exercise book to work in. 

In September your child will have an opportunity to show their maths teacher the work they have completed. The students who demonstrate the best pieces of work in each form will be rewarded with a ‘Love Life Love Maths’ pen.

We hope this maths transition project will provide you with information about key skills and knowledge your child can/should practice during the summer break to consolidate knowledge and skills and fully prepare your child for starting maths at Ashton in September.

If you have any questions we would love to hear from you and look forward to meeting your child in September.