Why do we have a house system?

The House system acts as a link between different year groups in school, providing you with the opportunity to work together and compete against your peers. It encourages and fosters teamwork, leadership skills and sportsmanship in all areas of school life. The sense of community within each of the houses encourages a feeling of identity and belonging.

How do you allocate student houses?

Every student and staff member entering the school is allocated one of our six Houses. These are named after PROUD PRESTONIANS past and present. You will quickly form loyalties to your House and achieve a true sense of belonging. Your school jumpers are embroidered with your house names and your Brothers and Sisters will always be placed in the same house as you.

How can I earn House Points? 

You can contribute to your house totals in several ways:-


1 Smiley face = 1 House Point        1 Grumpy face = -1 House Point

The number of grumpy faces a house receives is deducted from the number of smiley faces a house is are awarded. The number remaining is turned into house points and added to the scoreboard.

For example: 76 Smileys – 5 Grumpies = 71 House Points


Attending a SCAMPS club = 1 House Point

House Competitions

By taking part in  house competitions you will gain extra points for your house.

5 House Points per entry

55 House points for the top 5 students/winners

On Time +1
Late -1
Smiley +1
Grumpy -1
Attending/Hosting a Club +1
Student Leader Application
Applications completed online +5
Progress Leader Awards
100% Attenders +55
Top 5 Most Smileys +55
House Competitions
Entering +5
Top 5 winners +55