The Last Running Club of the Year

After a fantastic year of running, this was the very last one running club for the year. We decided to take it easy and have a gentle, casual run. We ran on the track and started off by seeing how many laps we could run in 20 minutes. Everyone was running at different paces, as some people wanted…

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Docks To Disney II

Docks to Disney is the second year that Ashton Community Science have hosted this amazing event. Due to the success last year, we decided that it only be right to host and do this event again. Docks to Disney is a huge event where the school and the community come together to run as many laps…

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Running Club-15/06/18

This week at Running club, it rather quiet! We had around 10 runners and 4 members of staff. We ran a lap of Ashton Park and there was a choice of three routes. Seven of the runners ran the normal route, 2 of the runners that like to run long distance ran the long route which is two laps round…

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Running Club-08/06/18

This week at running Club there was around 15 students with 4 members of staff. This week, we had  three groups of runners, ranging from different abilities. The majority of the group ran the regular route which is one lap round Ashton Park, whilst two students ran the long route and a few other…

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The rainy run :(

It was a rainy day at Running Club this week, therefore meaning that there was a smaller outcome than usual. Because of the weather everyone decided to run the short route. The short route consists of one lap round Ashton Park. When the weather is better there is more options of where we run.…

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The Sunny Run!

Running Club- 18/05/18

The Run-

It was a very sunny but quiet running club this week. Both students and staff ran a lap of Ashton Park and was a successful run by all runners. The run consisted of both a short and long route. Miss Richards and Mr Barrow decided to run the Short Route and…

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Ashton Park Run- Friday 4th May 2018.

Ashton Community Science College Running Club Blog-

Friday 4th May 2018

The run-

On the 4th May 2018, Ashton Community Science College students and teachers went on their weekly run for 1 hour after school on Friday. We ran round Ashton Park and there were two choices to make. Either the…

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Ashton Parkrun 2018

Ashton Community Science College Running Club Does Parkrun

On Saturday the 28th of April seven students and seven staff participated and got up early to take part in Preston parkrun. The run is at Avenham Park and we had to do three laps which is equivalent to 5k. The timed, weekly run began at…

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Guild Wheel Run

This we week ran along the guild wheel. We ran in groups and the longer group ran for 15 minutes, the medium group ran for 14 minutes and the shorter group ran for 13 minutes. Every week, the stamina of the group is getting better. Also, on the 28th of April we are going to run Preston Parkrun.…

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