15 September 2023

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The RE department had a very special artefact this week – The Book of Truth. It is a very rare book and we were very privileged to have the opportunity to see it. This book is unlike any other. In fact, mystery surrounds it. It has been borrowed from the British Museum and must be returned after this week. Ashton RE teachers have been shown how to use the book. It has a strange story behind it… Fragments of paper were found about 150 years ago, buried in caves in an area of the Middle East.  On these fragments were strange drawings and writings in a language that no one knew. After years of experts studying the writings, they were slowly, slowly translated and what they said was written into this book. The closest translation the experts could find was ‘The Book of Truth’. Year 8 spent their lesson raising incredibly deep questions that could be asked of the book – unfortunately time did not always allow us to do that. The book has now been safely returned BUT Year 8 spent their time at home creating some incredible front covers for the book. Some of these – even though it was a really hard choice as there were so many good examples– have been displayed on the gallery walls in the RE department. If you spot yours tell your RE teacher and additional House points will be added. Well done Year 8 – What an incredible impression you have already made!‚Äč


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